Ontario Science Centre map design and way finding

Visitors were often lost and asking staff for directions – the Centre’s visitor guide and map was confusing, frustrating and unusable. Recognizing this deficiency, the Ontario Science Centre looked to Public Good to design and develop a more effective wayfinding and directional map. To represent the Centre’s complex multi-level modern structure, Public Good utilized a bird’s eye, 3D perspective view to help visitors situate themselves in the building.

Applying wayfinding principles, the new design would consider: visitor site lines, orientation and land-marking, proximity and scale, colour-coded identification and illustrative 3D layering. The resulting map focus group tested well and was launched with a new and more functional design layout for the guide. Visitor response was exceptional and positive. Overall customer experience was improved and navigating the Centre no longer an issue.


osc-222Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.56.59 ammap3-jpg

The Centre’s visitor survey confirmed that all visitors found the new map more helpful than the previous and most visitors could easily orient themselves around the building.