Informative YouTube motion graphics

Animated motion graphics provide a video platform to inform and educate and are ideally suited to explain complex processes. Neutral in feel and approach, motion graphics can be branded to present a topic with clarity in a professional manner and with integrity. Incorporating a consistent visual style, this approach often incorporates bulleted text support, icons and simple graphic representations.

For the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Ontario’s professional dental regulator, Public Good has produced the YouTube motion graphic videos: The Value of Good Recordkeeping, The Role of Opioids and Registration Practices that Protect the Public to name a few. To view the full range of videos we have produced for RCDSO, please visit RCDSO’s YouTube Video Channel.

For YouTube videos projects, we also offer: scriptwriting, storyboarding, music, audio & sound recording, design & illustration;,closed-captioning and editing & post-production services.