Protecting our oceans and rebuilding our depleted fish stocks

Focused on ocean conservation, Oceana Canada is a non-profit organization campaigning for national policies to rebuild our depleted fish stocks. To help return Canada’s oceans back to health and to increase public awareness, Public Good developed Here’s the Catch. Collaborating with Oceana’s scientific director, the summary report presents issues and recommendations for the sustainable management of our ocean resources. Drawing from a dense, 150-page scientific research report, Here’s the Catch was conceived to be an engaging and informative campaign-centred document.


Infographics were developed to visualise key issues including compelling facts and figures. Integrating thought-provoking headlines with dramatic photography, the document successfully captures the state of Canada’s fishery stocks, management recommendations and “call to actions”. Developed infographic visuals were re-purposed and branded for usage on Oceana’s website, conference presentations and social media campaigns.

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