Making a point with whiteboard animated videos

Whiteboard animation (or video scribing) presents issues, processes and ideas in an engaging and memorable format with minimum animation resources. Whiteboard videos animate simple line illustrations over a compelling voice-over. Used in conjunction with informative scriptwriting, whiteboard animations:

• explain difficult, complex or sensitive issues or processes;
• provide a memorable and engaging visual style – often informal and user-friendly;
• lighten-up difficult topics and can be entertaining in nature;
• hold viewers’ attention and retention of information; and
• are cost-effective to execute and animate.


For the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Ontario’s professional dental regulator, Public Good has produced the YouTube whiteboard videos: What is informed consent?, Appropriate Patient Boundaries and Professionalism In Dentistry, to name a few. To view the full range of videos we have produced for RCDSO, please visit RCDSO’s YouTube Video Channel.

For YouTube videos projects, we also offer: scriptwriting; visual storyboarding; music, audio & sound recording, design & illustration; closed-captioning and editing & post-production services.