Branding and visual identity design

We create and develop unique and memorable brands that leverage our client’s profile, strengthen their mandate and build public trust. Our branding services range from complete corporate identities to one-off program logos. For clients requiring an in-depth, comprehensive brand identity program, our development process consists of four components:

1. Establish Functional and Strategic Goals
We research your organization’s history, mission and culture, and gather a clear understanding of its strategic and functional goals.

2. Brand Positioning Model
Based on our research, draft recommendations for a brand positioning model will be developed along with desired brand attributes and a recommended creative brief.

3. Creative Design Development
Subject to client approval of the brand positioning model and brief, logo concepts will be developed and presented for comment, feedback and approval. If requested, we are able provide stakeholder focus group testing of the proposed logo concepts.

4. Implementation: Brand Application
The approved brand will be applied to all required organization communication platforms and media. If required, a concise, user-friendly visual identity graphic standards guide will be developed.

Logo Portfolio

A selection of logos we have designed for clients large and small:logorow-11logorow-99logorow 88logorow 7logo row6666OW_IB_Visual_Identities_image00OW_IB_Visual_Identities_image01OW_IB_Visual_Identities_image02OW_IB_Visual_Identities_image03OW_IB_Visual_Identities_image04

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