Client Profile: RCDSO – Ontario’s dental professions regulator

For the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), Ontario’s dental profession’s regulating body, Public Good developed the brand, visual identity and a complete range of online, print and video communications. Materials we have designed and produced include: annual reports, membership publications, websites & intranet, public- and member-targeted videos, PowerPoint presentations and employee communications.

We work collaboratively with RCDSO’s registrar and senior management team to maintain a brand that reflects the College’s core values: professionalism, transparency, integrity and accountability. Our close relationship with RCDSO has enabled Public Good to bring consistency and design integrity across all the College’s communications. We offer a complete suite of strategic design, production and management services delivered in a timely and responsive customer-first approach.

Branded Communications

Annual Reports


To design, we started from the ground up, including a comprehensive survey of the organization’s online objectives, existing content, resources and wish list. Public Good realized a site architecture and website design for optimized information flow; increased user experience, navigation and anticipated site

Membership Communications

Dispatch – Membership Magazine


 Quality Assurance ProgramQA.png

RCDSO New Member Welcome Brochure

Internal Communications

Our employee communications for the RCDSO include program identities, internal templates, safety, conduct and professional development materials.HR