The Junction: User-friendly intranet branding

Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) is Ontario’s dental profession’s governing and regulating body. For the RCDSO, Public Good branded their employee intranet portal, The Junction with an unique approach to reflect RCDSO employee culture and staff camaraderie. RCDSO’s project brief requested the site be fun, visual and approachable.

Public Good developed the site brand with a “small village” concept and the launch slogan Where we connect. Branded visual elements and page banners included: citizens at work and play, public library and park, and workplace environments. Launch posters informed staff of the site’s resources, benefits and social connections. The Junction was an overwhelming success with staff involvement, participation and usage.

Visual Style, Graphic Elements and Brand Concept Board

Junction elements

Junction crop

The Junction Intranet Site Pages

01 Junction Homepage crop03_How Do I page crop

Site Banners

06_My Department crop07_Knowledge Library crop10_College Life crop11_Go Team crop

Promotional Launch Posters

Junction Launch Promo

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