pointA: Branding the future of urban transportation

Looking for a new identity, Smart Commute-NTV was re-branded through our comprehensive branding process involving organization directors, senior management and key stakeholders. Committed to finding sustainable, mix-mode transportation solutions for commuters, companies and public institutions, pointA – the new name and brand – was conceived and developed to address the evolution of the non-profit organization.

Through a series of discussions, surveys and presentations, including stakeholder focus group testing, Public Good developed the multi-dimensional “A” logo mark to represent the design mix of eco-friendly mobility programs, options and paths available to get people to where they want to go. Complementing the pointA name, the tagline Start Here. Get There. completes the point A to B concept and brand identity.

Public Good also provided the graphic standards guidelines and applied the logo to communication materials and website – pointa.ca.

PointA_Smart Commute-08PointA_Smart Commute-03pointA_smart_commute-03PointA_Smart Commute-01.jpgPointA_Smart Commute-04PointA_Smart Commute-05

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