Helping victims of sexual assault access treatment, care and counselling

Administered by Women’s College Hospital, the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres (ONSADVTC) required a highly accessible and user-friendly website to help victims of sexual assault and domestic violence find treatment centres and immediate care.

Public Good consulted with hospital staff, community outreach personnel and case handlers to ensure personal safety, usability and privacy concerns were handled with sensitivity and respect. Designed for victims, network members and health care providers the site was conceived as an entry way to recovery and as a professional portal for sharing related health care resources, materials and information. Design considerations included: user experience, navigation, design simplicity, messaging and adhering to AODA accessibility design standards.

onsadvtc homepage22

ONSADVTC banner 1

ONSADVTC banner 2

ONSADVTC banner 3

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